"Świetnie mówisz po polsku."

Translation:You speak Polish very well.

December 16, 2015

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I really hope that some day someone is going to tell me this...


Naprawdę mam nadzieję, że któregoś dnia ktoś mi to powie...


Greatly is just plain wrong.


”You speak Polish great” would be better than greatly

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    Yeah, for me it sounds unnatural.


    "Greatly" has been deleted now.


    Great might be acceptable in America In Britain Well is the acceptable word. Great is an adjective not a an adverb.


    Agreed. English speakers are used to saying you speak great etc. It's incorrect English grammar. We say admire greatly, we wouldn't say admire great.


    how about, 'you speak wonderfully in polish'


    OK, added now.


    I decided to completely ignore punctuation and put 'Great you speak polish'. Obviously, it was wrong.


    I wish everything where possible was a direct translation from Polish. It would be so much easier to see the structure, and learn the language.


    Yeah, I want the direct equivalents too, but unfortunately having ones is not always the case. And also the translation is to be natural (more or less), so sometimes we miss the closest versions of translation simply because of that.


    Still learning:)


    I thought świetne = great The sentence is "świetnie mówisz po polsku" . Which duo said "you speak polish very well" was the correct answer

    Shouldn't it be "Great you speak polish". Eg: someone is pleased that you speak polish like if you in a situation and nobody speaks the language

    You speak polish very well Mówisz po polsku bardzo dobrze

    This is confusing...


    Well... interpunction changes the meaning, doesn't it?

    "Great you speak Polish" makes no sense in English, but "Great, you speak Polish" does - as you said, someone is pleased. That's "Świetnie, mówisz po polsku" with a comma.

    "great" is a very good translation of "świetnie" and other forms, but I don't believe that you can "speak great" in English, it just doesn't work.

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    te same problemy co w wersji angielskiej


    Zgadzam się. W obu kursach nikt nie czyta komentarzy i właśnie z tego wynikają problemy.


    Powiedziałabym nawet, że mało ludzi czyta komentarze i często powtarzają się te same tematy. :D


    I offered "you speak terrific Polish" but it was rejected. Is there a nuance I am missing or is this a reasonable (though perhaps overly idiomatic) option?


    We have a long list of accepted adjectives and I see no reason not to accept 'terrific'. Added now.


    "You speak Polish amazingly"is not accepted? The answer "very well" doesn't make sense, considering it's better to say "bardzo dobrze".


    I don't know where you're getting your info from, but it's definintely more common to say świetnie in this context than bardzo dobrze.

    And "You speak X amazingly" is just not a thing to say in English. The iweb corpus returns 538 hits for speak English very well and one hit for speak English amazingly which, however, is followed by 'well', so this example obviously doesn't count.


    "You brilliantly speak Polish" was not accepted


    Oh could you not accept "You speak very well Polish"? As a non English speaker I seem to make this kind of syntax errors often and get punished for them even if I understood the phrase correctly. I'm not here to learn English!!!


    People are here to learn English as well. Any "XYZ for English speakers course" is also a so-called reverse tree for speaker of XYZ who want to learn English. That's a recommended thing to take both courses.

    Besides, a major language-learning website cannot just knowingly accept ungrammatical English translations, it could significantly hurt its reputation.

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