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  5. "Мы заключили договор."

"Мы заключили договор."

Translation:We signed the contract.

December 16, 2015



At least in this situation, don't you think "We sealed the deal" carries the same meaning as the above?


or "we closed the deal"?


That's what I was thinking


Native Russian speaker here. "We sealed the deal" is definitely closer in meaning, but I think it's more colloquial, whereas "we signed the contract" is more formal. Russian sentence here is definitely very formal.


Well, given that it's formal, the literal translation "We concluded the agreement" seems best, and it is in fact accepted.


I'd say that's a lot more casual and less precise than the suggested translation, though I don't know the exact connotation of the original Russian.


"We signed the contract" is "Мы подписали договор (или контракт)". Generally speaking, a contract does not require writing nor signing. Certain contracts (but not all) require a signed memorandum of contract to be enforceable in a court of law. Moreover, not all agreements are contracts. Signing a contract is a special case of concluding an agreement. Details can be found in ГК РФ (especially Part 2). For example, see http://stgkrf.ru/


As I understand We signed the contract means Мы подписали договор (контракт). So, correct translation is wrong.


There is no certainty that this agreement is written, is it?


Why the heck would this not be "We reached" or "We came to an agreement"? I wrote "reached" and was marked wrong, while the correct answer was given as "We made an agreement," which is very awkward.


Interesting. I think "заключили" looks like it would mean "locked up." It makes it look like the sentence says "we locked up the agreement" which would be an interesting way of viewing the fact that "we signed the contract."


There is a lot of meanings of the word "заключать":

"Заключа́ть под стра́жу / под аре́ст" = to take into custody / to take under arrest (взять под арест)

"Заключа́ть контра́кт" = "to make a contract"

"Заключа́ть в объя́тия кого́-ли́бо" (обня́ть кого́-ли́бо) = to embrace smb.

"Эта вещь заключа́ет в себе́ друго́й объе́кт" = "This thing contains another object"

"Заключа́ть выступле́ние / расска́з" = "to conclude a speech / story", to end up speech / story with

"Заключа́ть что-то по собы́тиям, фа́ктам, слова́м" = "to conclude something based on events, facts, words", to make a conclusion

"Заключа́ть слова́ в скобки / кавы́чки" = "to take the words in parentheses / quotes", another way to say it is "брать слова в скобки / кавычки"

"Заключа́ть мир" = "to make peace"

"Заключа́ть пари́" = "to bet", another way to say it is "держа́ть пари́"

"Заключа́ть брак" = "to marry" another way to say it is "жени́ться" (if you are talking about a man) and "выходи́ть за́муж" (about a woman), but if your are talking about a couple that marrying, it would be "они же́нятся" - "they are marrying"


We closed a deal sounds more natural in my opinion


We came to an agreement marked wrong


It would be “Мы пришли к соглашению”, I suppose.


Would "we have struck a deal" work?

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