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  5. "Le lion est fort."

"Le lion est fort."

Translation:The lion is strong.

January 11, 2013



"the lion is loud" is incorrect, but "the lion is hard" is a correct solution. whhaaa! Why does it say 'loud' is a possible translation if it doesn't accept it. so confusing!


In English we sometimes refer to a very loud sound as a strong sound often because it was a bit more than loud. Thunder can be loud but sometimes can seem very big and strong as well.

But it you heard a French student of English trying to substitute loud for strong all the time you would advise him that he was using the word incorrectly.


When do you say "forte" and when do you say "fort"? Same for most of the adjectives, I keep getting it wrong!


Forte is used with feminine nouns, fort is used with masculine nouns.


I put that the lion is strông and it said that I had to put strong, not strông. Is there a reason why I can't have the o like this:::::: Ô ? Please can someone tell me! Thanx


In English we just don't use any inflexions on letters at all. The only occasion when you might see this is on foreign words which we import without translation, like "creme brulée". And it's probably pretty unlikely that anyone outside of a business would do that.

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Is there any reason why "the lion is loud" is incorrect?


because "fort" in french is mostly used to mean strong hope i helped :)


Does anyone know why "the lion is tough" would be incorrect?


did anyone esle hear "chaud" instead of "fort"


It didn't sound like lion! I put vent.

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