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  5. "Ta lekcja jest dziwna."

"Ta lekcja jest dziwna."

Translation:This lesson is weird.

December 16, 2015



When they said "there is more than one way to skin a cat" last week I didn't expect that they would give an exhaustive lecture on the subject.


Shouldn't "This lesson is strange" be accepted?


Should be, please use the "report a problem" button next time :)


Can you say "jak dziwna" to generally comment on how weird something is? Or is there a different way to say it?


I guess I would translate "What a weird lesson that was!" to "Jaka dziwna to była lekcja!"

So it would follow the gender of what it describes: jaki/jaka/jakie in singular, jacy/jakie in plural and jak for adverbs: Brrrrrr, jak zimno! (How cold it is!)


Heads up on this one. It might need to be fixed if possible. I translated this sentence accurately, however, I did not capitalize the first word in the sentence and it was denied.


Same as in the other one, capitalization isn't assessed (I don't think that anything changed), so it looks like a bug...


Ok. I just thought I’d notate it in case it could be fixed for future users.


Well, some people claim that 'refreshing' the list of accepted answers may help (done), but generally we can't do anything more. If it really was rejected (we need screenshots to prove it, after all everyone often thinks they answered correctly but after a careful examination it turns out that a finger slipped and there's a typo), then it's a bug. Yes, we've seen proof that it happens, but the developers need as much proof as possible.


You’re right about mistakes. I’ve noticed after the fact that there have been times when it was my typo. : ) But in these cases I do have screen shots ....I’ve just got to figure out how to post it. I’m aware they give step by step instructions... so if I get time I will send it. Thanks.


Well, upload them on any image hosting website, and just post the links, you don't have to make them show as pictures or anything. You may do it here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27952965 - even if technically that's a different issue.


Passed further, thanks :)


Hope it helps, too. Take care. Till next time.


Crazy couldn't work here, could it?


Not really. It's "szalona" or "zwariowana" or several vulgar alternatives ;)


isn't lecture a good synonym for lesson?


Unless I'm unaware of something, "a lecture" is something that is only at the university level and it translates to "wykład".

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