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YEAH! finished my French tree!!

i am so happy to have completed the whole french tree-it's taken me 118 day streak+52 day streak before that-missed one day between!! duo lingo says have achieved 61% fluency, which i understand is pretty high for duolingo! have now started the reverse french/english tree, will redo french tree, and doing audio and reading exercises elsewhere. getting my courage up to skype speak to someone in french to develop conversational skills!! this has been a goal of mine for many years-to be come reasonably fluent in french. I'm 61 years old, and have loved french since started taking it in the 8th grade! my grandfather was from france and came to america when he was five. His parents died shortly after-he was raised by a distant cousin in america, and so did not remember any of his french (went to france in WWI, but still didn't recall any french). I learned french partly in his honor and because i think it is a beautiful language-and country! Vive la France!!

December 16, 2015



When I was in the 8th grade, I got a D in French. With Duolingo, I learned some French with very few problems.


your streak holyyyyyyyy


Congratulations! I just started a few days ago and hope to achieve your level of success!

[deactivated user]



    WOW! i am only 41% fluent!


    Congratulations! I'm only halfway my French tree, but I'm enjoying learning the language once more :D

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