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"Moja znajoma pracuje w każdy poniedziałek."

Translation:My acquaintance works every Monday.

December 16, 2015



So "w" takes the accusative case when referring to days ("w każdy poniedziałek"), but the locative case when referring to weeks, months or years ("w każdym tygodniu / miesiącu / roku")...

Is there any part of this language that isn't fiendishly complicated? :)


What term is used for a Facebook "friend", whom I don't know in real life, and whom I am unlikely ever to meet?


Should there be any difference in pronunciation between kazde and kazdy? (sorry can't put in diacritical marks


Yes, but it's somewhat subtle for English speakers. You could try here: https://translate.google.com/#view=home&op=translate&sl=pl&tl=en&text=Ka%C5%BCde%20Ka%C5%BCdy and press the speaker icon.

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