"Pies jest zwierzęciem."

Translation:A dog is an animal.

December 16, 2015

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I'm having trouble knowing when to use which ending i.e pies or psem, cłowiek or cłowiekiem, zwierzę or zwierzęciem? Please help me understand the rule of grammar in these situations?


When the noun is the subject of the sentence, you use the nominative case pies. When the noun is the object following the verb "to be" (być), as in "...is a dog," you use the instrumental case "...jest psem." Except when the phrase "to jest" or the word "to" is used. Then, the noun stays in the nominative. "To jest pies." "To pies."


I tought the suffic 'em' usually indicated a means of e.g autobusem would mean by bus.


The instrumental case (autobusem, zwierzęciem) applies with verb jest also.

"A dog is [in the state of] an animal.

Pies jest zwierzęciem

In the sentence,

„pies to zwierzę,”

the verb jest is not used, so the instrumental case is not needed.

"A dog, that's an animal."


zwierzęciem, so thats a word ill never pronounce correctly



Just say "zviezhénchem," and it's pretty close.


Is there a website similar to the one below but for Polish instead of Russian?



I can't hear words. It's not due to my mobile phone, might be the program does not work properly today. I haven't had such problem before.


In a previous lesson they used "Pies to zwierzę" now they are using "Pies jest zwierzęciem" can you use either? If not, how do i know when to use which?


You can use either of those. They mean the same

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