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"O marido não pertence ao grupo."

Translation:The husband does not belong to the group.

December 7, 2013



Why is it not accepted to say "The husband does not belong in the group"?


My guess is that "ao" means "to the" and "in the" would have been "no." Of course, Duo likes to play games with our minds!


I love the way so many Portuguese words have similar roots to rare or archaic english words. This looks like pertain which has pretty much the same meaning. Makes learning so much easier!


But, nobody says "the" husband. It's "my" husband.


The husband of her


In some parts of Britain it is common to use the with spouses, especially the north.


It is most likely referring to someone else's husband.


In that case, you would still use a pronoun - her, his, your. Or you might say one of the husbands..., but not just the husband.


The definite article is often used in place of the possessive pronoun my. In this sentence it is clearly understood by Brazilians to mean my husband and is slightly formal. That being said, Meu marido is also very commonly used, albeit more informally.

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