"The yellow plate is between the bowl and the frying pan."

Translation:Żółty talerz jest pomiędzy miską i patelnią.

December 16, 2015

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    Is there a difference between using między and pomiędzy in this situation? The program wouldn't accept między.


    There is none.


    I am a bit confused, why is "Pomiędzy miską i patelnia jest żółty talerz." wrong but "Pomiędzy oknem i drzwiami jest lodówce." right?


    The last word is "lodówka". Although from what I see, we used "biurko" (a desk) in that sentence, not a fridge. Nevermind.

    That is the question of what you already know. "Żółty talerz jest..." - you know about the existence of the yellow plate, you say where it is.

    "Pomiędzy... jest lodówka/biurko" - you inform your interlocutor what is located between X and Y. So the fridge/desk is a new piece of information.


    Pezepraszam bardzo ale the answer is not that convincing. Let me question in another way. Is the above answer which I also had it equally, technically wrong or not?


    "Jest" can have two meanings in Polish. 1) is 2) there is

    "...talerz jest..." means "...the plate is..."

    "...jest talerz" means "there is a plate"

    In my opinion, the second one is technically correct, just a lot less likely in this context


    Dziękuję bardzo


    shouldn't "Żółty talerz znajduje się między miską a patelnią." be correct?


    I suppose it is, added now.


    I am trying to learn Polish! This is like "Double Dutch"


    On the selecting the words exercise, it was not provided a "tą" to select, only a "na". It didn't tagged as a mistake, but did as a typo that was impossible to avoid.


    But this sentence doesn't require a "tą". We'd accept it ("the bowl" = "this bowl", and "tą miską" would be the appropriate form for "this bowl", same with the frying pan), but the tiles only need to be provided for the main answer, and in our main answers, "the" (almost? maybe I'm not thinking of sth) never has a translation.

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