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"In January it is very cold in Moscow."

Translation:В январе в Москве очень холодно.

December 16, 2015



What about "В Москве очень холодно в январе"?


one year passed and still not of fixed? Papa no apprezzare


I'm just curious... In English, at least among picky writers and editors, it might be considered somewhat less desirable phrasing to say "In January in Moscow.." with two "in [x]" phrases back to back like that. In cases like this, one might be encouraged to rearrange the sentence a bit simply to do away with the repeated word "in", or to at least put some distance between the two. I'm wondering if a similar issue exists in Russian. Would a Russian writer be inclined to rephrase a sentence like this just to eliminate the "in [x] in [y]" construct?


What is wrong with: Это очень холодно в Москве в январе


You need to drop Это.


В Москве очень холодно в январе.... Why is sentence this not accepted???

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