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So, I've been living in Norway for past few months, but I know very little of the Norwegian cuisine. Since food is an important part of every culture, I thought it would be a good topic to discuss. Are there any dishes that are typicaly Norwegian? What do modern day Norwegians usually eat? Is there anything you can eat only in Norway? (I know about the brunost ;) )

December 16, 2015


Some interesting dishes I've heard of are:

Potet klub (basically a potato ball with bacon or something in the middle)

Krumkaker (ice cream cone-like dessert thingies)

Kjøttkaker (meat-cakes) or kjøttballer

Lefse (a tortilla-like flatbread made from potatoes)

I haven't tried many of these yet so, if you do, let me know how they taste!
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Those all look/sound delicious!

I have a norwegian roommate, and the one food he's shared with me is this: vafler

Try lutefisk and fiskeboller. I absolutely guarantee that you'll find them both delicious.

Pickled herring! You can find different varieties such as sursild, sennepssild, kryddersild, tomatsild and more. Try it for breakfast on wholemeal bread along with a boiled egg!

I have some Norwegian friends and recently they prepared Rakfisk for me :) Just after I finished eating, they told me it could be poisonous if prepared in a wrong way :)

Have a look at US diplomats and embassy staff tasting some traditional Norwegian dishes (not all served at Christmas really, but still interesting):

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