"We speak Polish and English."

Translation:Mówimy po polsku i po angielsku.

December 16, 2015

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I put "Mowimy po polsku i angielsku" which came back as incorrect. I see that I messed up the "ó" in Mówimy. But, did I also get it wrong because I excluded the second "po". In this situation am I required to say po twice?

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No, you are not required, it should be accepted, although it is probably colloquial not to repeat "po" in this structure.


It is accepted (at least now)


As a polish, it would be accepted. What you have said means "We speak in polish and english" and basically what duolingo meant was "We speak in polish and 'in' english. It shouldn't matter whether you put the extra 'po', it means the same thing.


Is it not typical in Polish to capitalize languages like "polsku" or "angielsku"? They're proper nouns in English but what are they in Polish?


The name of a language is an adjective in Polish, and adjectives for countries aren't capitalized.

"polsku" and "angielsku" are actually dated forms (old Dative forms) that nowadays are only present in the "po polsku/po angielsku" construction.

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