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"In the apartment there is a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen."

Translation:W mieszkaniu jest sypialnia, łazienka i kuchnia.

December 16, 2015



I used "oraz" instead of "i" and I think it should be okay in this context.


mieszkanie - flat, there is - jest, znajduje się but here should be used there are instead, apartment - apartament my translation: W apartamencie znajdują się sypialnia, łazienka i kuchnia should be accepted in my opinion.


I'd suspect that "znajdować się" doesn't exist in this course.


it should then, I found some I would say errors, some of them makes my daughter cry and it is hard for her to understand she was not wrong and her answer was right and should be accepted


I added "znajduje się" and "znajdują się", I wonder if the plural (są/znajdują się) doesn't need a colon after (you're listing things), but I am not sure.


Thank you, appreciate this. But what about translation apartment -> apartament ?


"Apartament" in Polish is not the same as "mieszkanie". It is a big luxurious flat in a prestigious location or a suite in a hotel (or a self contained suite in a palace). A one bedroom apartment does not qualify a Polish "apartament."


Why not mieszkanie instead of mieszkaniu?


"W" ("in") takes locative case (in this example).


So in Locative, a neuter gender noun's ending changes to -u-? j


Not so simple, I'm afraid, as the endings also depend on how the root of a noun ends....

Take a look at: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14379227 for commentary and pointers to various lists.

This answer might also help with your recent query under "Znasz tamtych studentów?".


Why miec in previous sentence but byc here?

  • Jest - there is
  • Nie ma- there isn't (negation)


"W" jest źle przeczytane!!!


Powolne audio czyta jednoliterowe przyimki jak gdyby czytało alfabet, niestety.


Is "jest" preferred over "są"? If so, why is that? In my mind, the given rooms are each within the apartment.


I think that "są" would require a colon: "W mieszkaniu są: A, B i C".

We use "jest" to agree with the first noun phrase that comes after. It may be slightly colloquial, but frankly, it sounds more natural to me. "są" is accepted as well.


No, Są is not accepted. I used są as listing more than one thing and was marked wrong


I can assure you that we have "są" on the list of accepted answers. Maybe you made a typo somewhere? Your correction then shows the main answer (which uses "jest"), which often can create an impression that your answer was considered wrong, although you actually just had a small mistake somewhere.

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