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Flagging words you want to learn

I enjoy reading over other people's translations and the articles as language practice. I often find I am scanning for words I don't know. It would be nice to be able to flag these words and have them appear in an organized list (that I curate) of words I'd like to remember to practice or learn later. Currently, I find myself opening my notes on my iPhone to record words I'd like to remember, which is taking me out of the experience and a bit of an organizational mess for me. Adding a feature like this would help me practice. You could also use the words in my future language lessons where possible.

January 11, 2013



Hi Kristine, you sound like a regular user asking for some additional functionality, yet you work for Duolingo. Just curious, did you ask this question then later become an employee?


Yes, she started out as a regular user and then became a staff member.


I've been wanting to make this suggestion for a while now but couldn't think of how to phrase it. I think you did a good job of that.


Thanks! It's fun to find words you don't know or can't remember.


If you really want to practice words (and other things) rather than practice translating, I think Anki is a great supplement to duolingo -- the desktop version of Anki is free. Adding words to practice to Anki is easy and it is kind of like an intelligent flashcard deck -- you only see cards when you need to practice them (you don't see cards you already know, you just see cards you need practice on, all done automatically for you).



I second this thought. Also anki is awesome for memorizing things, but i think it would be great to incorporate this function into duolingo for more effective learning in one location


Another thing which would be good is being able to flag words in your own language, which you would like to learn in your new language. Certain words are a LOT more useful to me than others.


In most traditional textbooks, frequency of word use is taken into consideration. I wish the Duolingo course builders would do this too. I'm at level 13 in Swedish as I write this entry, and I know the words for "moose" and "reindeer," but I don't know how to say, "You're welcome."


totally agree, frustrating to KNOW you don't know it - and have no way to ... admit it?


Or an easy way to forget :)


I've waited for someone to post this...Thank you! It's a great idea!! :)


Glad to hear other people are interested in this feature too!


Great idea. Being able to have a (printable?) list of words that we can study outside of exercises would be terrific.


I'm not even sure it would have to be printable. Just something I could easily refer to on the site or within the app. Do you tend to print out vocab lists?


Yes, I think I'm going to start using flashcards to help work on some of the words I'm having trouble with.


Could we do this with sentences too?


I was thinking the same thing!!! After putting so much effort into translations, it would be fantastic to be able to "keep" the words learned in the process. Hope this feature is coming soon Duolingo!


Has there been any progress on something like this? I think it would be extremely valuable, both for users to flag words they know they have trouble with, and for duolingo to get more metadata on which words cause people the most trouble. I feel like it'd be fairly easy to add a feature to at least "star" a word in the big "words learned" list, as a first step; likely just an additional field in each user's "words learned" database marking flagged/unflagged. Once that's there, creating a "practice starred words" quiz in a similar way to the "Strengthen Skills" quiz (but pulling words from the starred list rather than randomly selecting weak words from an early section) shouldn't be too tricky....


Nice feature idea Kristi, I agree it would be a great addition to be able to favorite.


That is a great idea! I would certainly use such a feature, currently I am doing the same as you, kristinemc!


I totally agree!! it would be cool to learn new vocabulary


I think that's a great suggestion!


That sounds so awesome! Good idea!


Yes! Adding a flag feature would further increase the efficiency of learning. When I'm practising a lesson and working on those strength bars, I often find that there's only one or two words per lesson which I can't remember, whereas the rest of the vocabulary might be stuff that I got right on the first attempt six months ago and again on the second attempt three months ago. This makes it slightly frustrating to do the drills on basics.

What if Duolingo had a button where the user could mark certain words as "important" or "requiring special practice"? Those words would then stand out and be featured more often in the exercises. Conversely, words which the user has repeatedly got right would not be recurring so often.

Maybe DL's algorithms already aim at accomplishing this without the user playing any active part in the selection process? However, at least in my case, I often know which words strike me as unfamiliar, illogical or otherwise challenging; I'd be happy to enhance the owl's artificial intelligence a bit.

Moreover, the algorithms don't always get it right: I know that a certain word in my vocabulary is shaky, yet it shows up in Duolingo's word list with full strength bars. I'm feeling it would be useful to be able to manually mark it for future exercise on the fly.


I agree this is a great idea. Since I only use a computer - the smart phone is smarter than me- make it so works on all learning platforms.


It's been seven years but this feature is still not implemented.

Guys, it's a great idea! Don't let it die!

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