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  5. "сто тринадцать"

"сто тринадцать"

Translation:one hundred and thirteen

December 17, 2015



Is it just me, or is pronouncing teen numbers nearly impossible? I haven't figured out how to say them to make Duo accept them.


I gave up the audio input a long time ago......


In my opinion the problem is that the program translates the pronunciation into a number written in digits, not into a word written in letters, and therefore it doesn't recognize it as the correct word


Good points. thanks


How hard is it to differentiate что and сто? Might answer my own question but что sounds like "shto" and сто sounds like "sto"


You got it right, but also context would help even if they sounded close. You likely won't run into a situation where you can mix the two


My actual lucky number!


I accidentally wrote "313" but it still counted it correct.


"113th" should have been acceptable

[deactivated user]

    Also, why do you use the ordinal numeral? "113th" is «сто трина́дцатый» or «сто трина́дцатая», not «сто трина́дцать».

    [deactivated user]

      They differ by «на»:

      • 113 = сто трина́дцать
      • 130 = сто три́дцать
      • 113th = сто трина́дцатая (feminine), сто трина́дцатый (masculine), сто трина́дцатое (neuter)
      • 130th = сто тридца́тая (feminine), сто тридца́тый (masculine), сто тридца́тое (neuter)

      Originally, 13 трина́дцать was something like ‘three-over-ten’, while 30 три́дцать was something like ‘three-ten’.


      It is acceptable when translating to English. We don't accept numbers when translating back to Russian because that way you won't learn much.

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