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  5. "Üç domates yeterli."

"Üç domates yeterli."

Translation:Three tomatoes are enough.

December 17, 2015



I wrote 'three tomatoes is enough' and got it wrong?


I am a native English speaker and I would say that. If you are making food, say, 'three tomatoes' is like a single unit. 'I have only three tomatoes.' 'That is enough'. Not 'they are enough'.


I agree -- also native US English speaker and "three tomatoes is enough" is way more natural for me. I think it's different in UK English (given that they say things like "that band are amazing") but this should still be accepted.


And it still hasn't been added yet :/


"Three tomatoes is enough" is far more common than "are". It's a collective quantity, not three individual items (at least in UK and US English). Learning Turkish is fun... learning Duo's bizarre idea of "English", not so much.


I speak American English natively, and I definitely agree with the arguments that "is" feels more natural than "are" here, however I will admit that I cannot articulate a rule or pattern that would differentiate this situation from other situations where "are" would be more appropriate.


No plural on tomato?


Im turkish, when you say things like this (three tomatoes) where the plural word comes after the number, you don't use the plural. üç domates, beş elma etc.


I wrote "three tomatoes suffice" and it's wrong. I can't believe Duolingo doesn't accept English synonyms.


Me too, 'three is enough'! Please add this as a correct translation?


It really annoys me with Duolingo when you write what a native English speaker would say (in this case, "three tomatoes IS enough", because three tomatoes is categorised as one mass and mass nouns are singular), and you're marked as wrong... And, from seeing comments here that date from two years ago, Duolingo still ignores the endless comments from native English speakers about this. I've seen the same issue with other languages in the number lessons as well.


Why not "üç domates yeter"? What difference between "yeter" and "yeterli"?


you know I really like duolingo except when you get the English wrong. I'm here to learn Turkish and your system requires me to make mistaken English so as to continue. How would you feel?


As a native English speaker, voicing my agreement that "is enough" should be accepted. I've submitted it as a suggestion.


cassowarli, in French both are ok: "trois tomates suffisent"="three tomatos are suffiscient" and "trois tomates, ça suffit"="three tomatos (it ) is enough". I assumme that in English it can work as well.


three is enough! three tomatoes IS enough


teacher here. both SHOULD be accepted.


"Üç domates yeterli." Translation: Three tomatoes are enough.


"Three tomatoes are sufficient."

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


what is the difference between yeter and yeterli


Why domates ( plural) if the number ( Uç) does not become plural in Turkish


The word "domates" is not plural. :) The plural is "domatesler". Don't let the 's' confuse you!


Oh! It"s true!!


In the below the option there is small T in three


I don't see any "three" in phrases.

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