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  5. "They are listening to music."

"They are listening to music."

Translation:Oni słuchają muzyki.

December 17, 2015



isn't it possible to say "oni słuchają muzykę"?

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No - 'słuchać' always require genitive


But on the other hand "Oni słyszą muzykę" = "They hear the music"... :)


Take note that słyszeć and słuchać are different verbs, the latter requires genitive.


.....do muzyki is wrong? Why?


Grammatically ok but somehow illogical. They are listening in a manner that is determined by the music. One can „tańczyć do muzyki” (to dance and match the music with moves). One can also „śpiewać do muzyki” (to sing, and to fit to the music). But „słuchać do muzyki” is as I said, illogical.

We cannot directly substitute one preposition for other and expect that all will be fine. It doesn't work with preposition.


I was using 'do' as English 'to' as i have learnt is used when going 'to' somewhere. Your description in this context is more like 'with'. I now realise the context of use is different. 'To' a location, for which we use the same word when listening 'to' music but in Polish, not a context for 'do'.


When I gave that answer before you said it was incorrect please decide which is correct .


I'm not sure what you mean, but I see a recent report which might be yours, it reads: "Oni słuchacie". The conjugated form of the verb doesn't match the pronoun.

Here's a full declension table:


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