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  5. "What are you making?"

"What are you making?"

Translation:Hva lager du?

December 17, 2015



A note to those who are also learning Danish: While in Danish "Hvad laver du" can mean "what are you doing", the same is not the case for "hva lager du" in Norwegian.


Why would it be "Hva lager du" and not "Hva lager deg"? What is the difference between "du" and "deg" and when would one use them?


Du is the subject you in a sentence. Like 'Du spiser.' Deg is the object you. As in 'Ulven spiser deg." The wolf would be the subject and you would be the object so you would use deg. This is probably a bad explanation. I'm sorry.


Makes sense now! Thanks


is it only the accusativ object or also dativ?


Norwegian generally don't have accusative and dative. Only for a few words in a few rare dialects... So "deg" is always the object.


So far, we've only seen (maybe I should say I've only seen) lager used in terms of food. Does this mean it's also used for making things, e.g. a table?


General to do/to make is gjøre, isnt it?


å gjøre = to do
å lage = to make


This is confusing to me since it's the same word for both in French...


"Å lage" serait utilisé quand on fabrique quelque chose je pense


Why is "hva du lager?" Incorrect?


Ok, here goes: When you put an adverbial or a question word in front of the subject of the sentence, you must switch the position of the subject and verb, because Norwegian has a rule known as V2 - the verb must always be the second element of the sentence. So it is "Du lager mat" (You make food), but "Når lager du mat?" (When do you make food), and "Hva lager du?"


Why does the sentence order sometimes change? From what you make to what make you?


It doesn't. {What you make?/Hva du lager?} is always wrong, when it stands alone/is a complete sentence. The verb needs to be the second element of the sentence: {What make you?/Hva lager du?}.

In dependent sub-clauses you may see the other word order, but that's a whole other duolingo-course...


So it shouldn't be ''Hva lager deg?''?


No, that would mean "What is making you?" because "deg" is the object form.

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