"I know a dog."

Translation:Znam psa.

December 17, 2015

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What is the difference between psem and psa? Which case is poem and when do I use it? edited


"poem" I suppose you meant "psem"?

It's Instrumental. Like "Rex jest psem, a nie kotem" (Rex is a dog, and not a cat).


Yes sorry, I edited it. Okay, thanks


I know a dog who sing a song...


Why can't I say "znam tego psa" ?

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Because it will change the meaning: 'ten pies' indicates, that you are talking about some specific dog, and that would require 'the/this dog' in English.


I know we're halfway through this exercise. But I just realized that there is another word for "to know." I'll probably find the lesson for this as soon as I finish. But in case there isn't one, what is the difference between wiedzieć and znać?


Wiedzieć means you know some facts, and znać means being acquainted with something. You can znać calculus, a road, a person or a song. But one can only wiedzieć how to get to the library, where Kazakhstan is located or what time is it. Znać is usually followed by a noun, and wiedzieć is followed by a clause.


What is a difference or similarity between: "wie" and "zna"?


"Wiedzieć" never takes direct objects (exception: wiem to) but is usually followed by a conjuction.

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