"Vi spiser ikke kjøtt i løpet av uken."

Translation:We do not eat meat during the week.

December 17, 2015

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Should it not accept: "We don't eat meat throughout the week"?


I thought that sounded strange, but my dictionary says it's a valid translation for i løpet av. Added.

BTW I would never say the Norwegian sentence like that. To me i løpet av uken means the whole week with seven days, and if you never eat meat on any of the seven days of the week.... then you don't eat meat. (deleted a paragraph)


That's different from my use of the words. To me, 'ukedag' is any day of the week, while 'hverdag' and 'helg' are working day and weekend, respectively


But still, i løpet av uken is not the regular term you would use for the working days?


That means there is no real difference between 'ukedag' and 'dag'?


Ukedag -> dag. However "dag" has a lot of other uses so you can't go the other way back.

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