"I like this night."

Translation:Мне нравится эта ночь.

December 17, 2015

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is "я люблю эта ночь" not correct ?! i think that "любит" means "to like" too

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    Please, see the explanation by olimo: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11754722

    Basically, both mean 'to like', but when you see something for the first time, you can only use «нра́виться». If you like something you see or use often, only then you can use «люби́ть».

    So, if you refer to the night that's outside the window, you can only use «нра́вится», because the night won't repeat again. «Люби́ть» only is possible when you speak about a repeating night:

    • Я люблю́ но́чь на Ива́на Купа́ла. 'I like the Ivan Kupala night.' (as a holiday, because it repeats every year)


    What if you're referring to a special night of the year, which repeats itself every year. Like your wedding anniversary night?


    By the way, ночь is accusative in this case, so it should be «Я люблю эту ночь».


    That's what I wrote, but it was not accepted.


    That's grammatically correct, but not contextually.


    What's wrong with: "я люблю эту ночь." ?

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      «Люблю» is used for liking things that you encounter or experience repeatedly, but «эта ночь» is a thing that only happens once (unless «эта ночь» is referring to some repeating holiday or something, but that’s a pretty rare context).


      Why is it мне instead of я?


      Because the verb Нра́виться uses мне, whereas любить doesn't


      can you use вечер instead of ночь?

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        Yes, you definitely can. However, it would change the meaning of the sentence: «Мне нравится этот вечер» would mean you like earlier time than «Мне нравится эта ночь». «Вечер» can include the dawn, the time before it's maxumum dark, while ночь is only for the darkest time. But I think both вечер and ночь can be translated with the English 'night' (although вечер also overlaps with 'evening').


        thanks for your feedback


        Is "эта ночь" not in the accusative because it is the subject? So the Russian sentence is in what we would call the passive voice in English?


        Why "этот ночи мне нравится" is not allowed? Before two or three examples ago, a similar sentence was built like what i write at the top. Would be happy if anybody help me about it. :)


        этот is wrong because ночь is feminine, therefore, you must use эта


        Why do we use нравится? Isn't that the 3rd person singular of for like?

        Is it more proper to use - нравлюсь? Or is there some reason we should use the above when using мне?


        It is a passive expression think "to me it is pleasant" Мне нравится. I am sure other pronoun


        What about я люблю эта ночь


        but why exactly do we use мне here in stead of я?


        Why is it "эта ночь" instead of "эту ночь"? If anyone knows, please explain. Thanks in advance.


        When you use “я люблю” it directly translates to “I like/love”, so you use accusative after this.

        “мне нравятся” may have same meaning as “I like”, but that’s not the literal translation.

        Literal is more like “to me this is good”, so you don’t use accusative with this.


        Oh! I understand now. Thank you so much!

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