"Nasz pies jest mały."

Translation:Our dog is small.

December 17, 2015

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Report it, the course is still in beta so they don't have all the alternate translation accepted yet.


Shouldn't it be psa.. ❤❤❤ this is confusing? OUR dog should be genitive, right?


"our dog" is just the subject of the sentence. So as a whole it takes Nominative.

Don't go too far with associating possession with Genitive. It's not that every single word connected with this topic takes Genitive. What we mean is that it works in constructions like "Josh's dog" -> "pies Josha". Which after all is called 'Saxon Genitive' even in English :)


So mała- feminine Mały- masculine Mali? (Its been. Bit since the course that introduced all forms of it) is neutral


mały - masculine, right.

mała - feminine, right.

mali - it's 'masculine personal' plural. You can remember that this form is usually quite different from the other ones, kinda softened.

The neuter one, as well as the 'not masculine-personal' plural one are both "małe".


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