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  5. "On pije tę herbatę."

"On pije herbatę."

Translation:He is drinking this tea.

December 17, 2015



I put "That tea" and it was marked correct. Are "this" and "that" the same thing? Surely not......

Can someone also tell me each form for "this" and "that"?


I've been learning for a few days, so sorry if I'm wrong :P

This: Ten - masculine (nominative and accusative inanimate) Ta - feminine (nominative) To - neuter (nominative and accusative) Tego - masculine (accusative animate) Tę - feminine (accusative)

That: Tamten - masculine (nominative and accusative inanimate) Tamta - feminine (nominative) Tamto - neuter (nominative and accusative) Tamtego - masculine (accusative animate) Tamtą - feminine (accusative)


No it's not but the distance when you switch between this and that is different is polish, so in this case it could be refer to as this or that in english


Not "tą herbatę"?


I also want to know why it's "tę" not "tą"


I don't have a better answer than "it just is". Treat it as an exception.


I understand perfectly why is "tę" and not "tą" (because it is in the Accusative case). No problem with that. The problem is tamta/tamtą. If all was logic, it should be tamta/tamtę. Maybe this problem is what makes native polish say "tą" and not "tę" in the accusative feminine.


At school they taught me something like this: Widzę tę kobietę. - I see this woman. Idę z tą kobietą. - I walk with this woman. So it's all about the form of the noun, I guess. I'm Polish, but I have no idea how to explain it better


may be because ta is treated not like adjective, but as a noun (since "this" or "ta" is a demonstrative pronoun). However, it is still a unique exception as tamten accusative animate is tamtego, and not tamtena.


The sentence is in the accusative case because there is a direct object (this tea). For accusative femine objects, you use tę. Even polish native speakers get this wrong. See an excellent guide here: https://www.clozemaster.com/blog/polish-demonstrative-pronouns/


if it is te herbate, why do we get it wrong when we say tamte herbate?


If you compare both declension tables for ten and tamten you will notice one difference. Singular feminine accusative is , but tamtą.


I heard 'te herbaty'. In my heart, I knew I was wrong.


I did have trouble hearing the "tę" when going fast, but not on going slow. It barely sounds like it is there even when i know I'm looking for it.

I guess my foreign ears haven't caught all the tiny nuances yet?


I'm not sure if that's what you're referring to, but when -ę is the final sound of the word, it either doesn't get nasalized or gets nasalized just a little bit. So the correct pronunciation is basically the same as if it was "On pije te herbate".


I recently asked if (as habits are starting to form now) I should pronounce the ę at the end of verbs such as lubię, chcę, widzę. And you advised that I should just form the habit of saying lubie, chce, widze.


1) Im guessing that I should apply that method not just to verbs, but also to the ending of declined nouns? Like kawę, herbatę etc??

And 2) although in THIS soundclip here, duolingo pronounces the tę as te, in others it pronounces it as tę.

But I guess I should form the habit of prouncing it as te?

3) ą is always pronounced nasally right? Any exceptions?


1) Yes, whenever -ę is the final sound of any word, most natives would pronounce it as -e.

2) I guess the synthesizer audio is inconsistent, but I'd still keep to -e.

3) The only exception that comes to my mind right now is that it would be too much to pronounce 'ą' nasally if the word uses 'ął', e.g. "wziął" (he took). It's even difficult to try to pronounce it this way. Instead, it becomes 'oł'. Similarly 'ęł' becomes simply 'eł' ("wzięła" = "she took").

But unlike -ę, any -ą at the end of a word (Widzę drogą zieloną sukienkę) is still pronounced clearly and nasally.


(Pije_herbat..) Who can complete this?


Well, ".." should definitely be "ę", and for "_" it depends what you mean by it, if it's "this tea", then it's "tę herbatę".

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