"Wspierają oboje dzieci."

Translation:They support both children.

December 17, 2015



Hmmm...so when should I say "obu" and when should I say "oboje"?

December 22, 2015


Obu... Masculin plural.. Oboje /obydwoje mix gender or young (cats) ..... But... Oboje drzwi.... Two doors.... ☺

May 26, 2016


the two children

this was reported two months ago


March 10, 2016


"They support the both children" - why not?

June 14, 2016


I've never heard about "the both", maybe except rare occurences of "the both of you"... are you sure it's correct?

June 14, 2016


Yes, I'm sure.

June 14, 2016


Well, one of the contributors checked it a few hours ago and yeah, we learned something new today - therefore 'the both' will be now accepted (it sometimes takes a few days to get implemented in the system).

June 14, 2016


I am a native English speaker. We don't say "the both", although we do say "both of the".

January 9, 2017


I asked around a bit, and I learned that that may be acceptable in some contexts for some natives (Scottish especially), but not here. Well, deleted from here, but we added it in many places, hard to delete it everywhere one by one. We probably won't accept it in Tree 2.0. Will see.

January 12, 2017


In English, one can say: we support the both of them. However, "we support the both children" will be heard. One will say, "We support both of the children". One needs "of" in the sentence.

March 24, 2017


Hmmm....oboje could be either nom or acc. Is it clear that this sentence is "they help both children" and not possibly "they both help children?"

January 26, 2017


Well... it's not totally impossible that it means "They both help children", but it's not very probable. That would be stylistically unusual.

"Oboje wspierają dzieci" would without a doubt be "They both help children".

January 27, 2017


So it's down to word order. Clear, thanks.

January 29, 2017


Can someone tell me how oba conjugates please? I can't find this anywhere on the net.

May 4, 2018


Why not. "They are supporting both children"

October 21, 2018
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