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Hello all, I've been practicing french for about an hour a day, every day for about 2 weeks straight and before then it was more like a half hour every other day for around a month. I'm going to study french in France this October but do you think if I keep at 5 hours a week till then I'll be able to hold a basic conversation over there? What do you all think?

January 11, 2013



In my opinion, no. I wish I could say otherwise, but realistically, I don't think so. You could "master" the French section, but if Duolingo is all you use to study you won't be able to carry on a conversation. You could ask for things at the store maybe, or carry on a 2 sentence "conversation" with a bus driver or waiter, but that's about it.

That's just my opinion. Maybe I'm overly pessimistic though. I look at Duolingo as a very basic beginners introduction to a language, to see if you like it and to get a bit of a grasp on it before you decide to fork over the money and take actual courses.


Thank you for taking the time to answer. That's ok, I just hope that when I do get to france, learning french there will be easier because I have some knowledge beforehand and I'm not going there knowing absolutely nothing. Hopefully after being immersed there for a while I will be able to at the end!

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