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  5. "Банкомат не працює."

"Банкомат не працює."

Translation:The ATM is not working.

December 17, 2015



What is the ATM? Where I live (Liverpool, UK) noone says that. It is either the cash mashine or 'hole in the wall'. I mean in which country? USA?


Automated teller machine, used in USA and Canada, I believe


So not in Europe? I come from Poland and we use bankomat too but in England nobody understands it :)


That's right.


I guess, bankmachine would be more understandeble word


ATM is the formal word and appears in a lot of publications from banks and payment networks, but it's definitely not what I'd say in normal conversation.


I guess in Liverpool you cannot make deposits, pay bills or transfer funds between accounts at a "hole in the wall"? Machines that allow you to do this are Automated Teller Machines. Only the ones that have the sole purpose of dispensing cash could technically be called "cash machines"


Despite the fact that ATMs do more than dispense cash, they are still referred to more often as cash machines than ATMs in the UK.


"The cash machine is not working" is accepted while "The cash machine does not work" is not. Since the former and the latter mean the same, I reported it.


The ATM isn't working? I need money and I'm running late! What a perfect time to teach us a good Ukrainian swear word! Hahaha:)


Sagitta, can you please add "bank machine" as an acceptable answer? I answered:

"The bank machine is not working" and it was not accepted. ATM and cash machines are commonly called bank machines too. :)


I've not heard "bank machine". Where do people call it that?


there are many places that ATMs are called bank machines. Having been a long haul drive I have covered most of the contiguous USA and Canada and heard most every term for these things.

Most ex-wives think their ex is a cash machine. If they relationship was intact he would be a bank machine because deposits need to be made.

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