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"The smoke is coming from the volcano."

Translation:Røyken kommer fra vulkanen.

December 17, 2015



Why is it wrong to say "Røyken kommer ut av vulkanen"? I thought it'd be perfectly fine.


The sentence is fine, but it could also be rendered word-for-word in English as "out of the volcano". I suppose the course mods might want to distinguish between wordings when the difference is equivalent in both languages, but I could be wrong.


Thanks! You're right, the course expects word-for-word translations. But I guess it would also not be incorrect to say "Røyken kommer ut ifra vulkanen," especially in some dialects, right?


I'd say that as a casual comment about smoke, røyken kommer fra vulkanen, would be the most common phrase.

With røyken kommer ut av vulkanen I get the feel that any mountain is actually a volcano and has smoke inside just waiting to get out.

I can imagine certain dialects (especially up North) where Røyken kommer ut av/i fra vulkanen would be just as common, but that is also because those prepositions (av, fra, ut av, i fra) gets used a bit differently, at least colloquially. But they wouldn't claim they spoke bokmål either.

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