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Needs to be three minutes for timed excercises, not two!

Either that or add more time. You're timing people's typing speed...not their Spanish. I type fast. I wasn't taking a long time to think about things. I went what I consider extremely fast and didn't make any mistakes, but still couldn't make it in 2 minutes. Imagine someone younger who didn't have as much typing skills? And I've had years of Spanish and this is the basic level where the only problem I usually have is the accent marks (and I even got those right this time). I'm going to try to test out, but I'd prefer not to so I can review...but I don't want to mess with that timer again. Sheesh!

January 11, 2013



I think there is actually a much more straightforward fix to this: pause the timer whenever the user is typing, and resume the timer when they have not typed anything for a second. So, pause the timer as soon as there are key strokes. Resume the timer when there hasn't been a keystroke for at least a second. Only have that logic when there is a typing interface on the screen, of course.

(With my proposed solution, a user could cheat a little by typing nonsense, deleting that, and retyping nonsense over and over to pause the timer, but I don't think that's a real concern.)

By the way, I type very fast as well, but for me the two minutes are too short too. It's just super difficult :-(



connection speed also effects it


That's an excellent idea!


I agree. As you get to longer sentences at higher levels, it gets more difficult to do all the typing in the allocated time, even if you do know the answers instinctively.

This is especially frustrating if you want to enter the foreign characters correctly, which I try to do for practice, even though Duolingo doesn't mark for it. I have to move my hand over to the num pad and enter the alt code for each one, which increases my response time a lot.


I think 2.30 minutes would be okay if not 3. It's too short a time because you start to neglect important things like accents in order to finish in time which is a bad habit to form.


2 minutes seem to be arbitrary, perhaps based on the typing speed of a programmer? perhaps instead of having it past fail for under two minutes, just display your time and then you know how much you are improving.


Ooh, I like that idea.


I agree the timer is too unforgiving. I struggle with my speech not being understood (because I'm trying to go too fast) and then I have to repeat multiple times, losing a lot of time. I also know Spanish fairly well and type quickly and I am surprised I struggle so much against the clock.


Do you really like the speech thing? I found it way too easy to fool to trust it on its judging of my input... Unless you think it helps you, I'd suggest anyone to just turn it off (Settings>Account>Microphone:Off)


Two minutes completely sucks, I am not a native english speaker, also I use it daily. However I am unable to finish any timed practice, and when I try, I make more typos - not mistakes, typos in english. Timet practice is demotivating me to use duolingo a big time...


Even if it makes you feel like you are in a conversation it is really frustrating- my computer isn't good with accents and so the quickest way for me to do an accent is to click it which is still super slow and annoying. Also, it drives me nuts when I select one of the choices in the thing that pops down like "Elle__(select a fill-in) bla bla bla...". I will click it and then enter and then the thing will pop down again and make me reselect my answer!!! WHY? That takes off like five seconds right there!!!!!!!! stupid


Oops...on my original I meant to say, "Either that or have less questions."


I'm confused... My timed practice module doesn't give me 2 minutes to go through the list of questions. I get a 30 seconds count down, and every time i gave a correct answer i'm being granted 7 more seconds on that timer. It still can get hard to go through it but the 7 second incentive does actually rewards slowing down a bit to make sure what you entered is typo free. Granted, the total time you get can also gets higher, up to 2'40 something with all answers correct.I don't have a clue as to why all users wouldn't get the same timing scheme, maybe the transition from one to the other is a work in progress? What i'm sure of is that i like the one i have much much better than what you guys are describing. (for the record, i am learning German, not Spanish, but i went over to the spanish language tree to try out the timed practice, i still got my 30"+7" per right answer system)


I got into a discussion about this in the comments of a different post I get the same system as you but there's a second test group that gets something called bonus rounds which is what the people above are describing


Maybe they're testing out an alternative...that's good news.


But then I wonder: people who get these 2 minutes, what happens after the 2 minutes if you didn't get through the list of questions? "Time's up" page and you get 1 point per correct answer given? If so, why not just see it as a challeng of "let's see how many questions i can get right within 2 minutes", rather than consider a failure anything else than perfect? Then it doesn't matter how slow you type, you'll get to an average score of your own, and will know that scoring higher/lower is a reflection on your proficiency in the vocabulary that was proposed...

I wouldn't even see this as a problem any more, really. (although i still much prefer the time bonus system, 'ill grant you that)


That sounds so much better.


I only get 30 seconds also and just find it incredibly frustrating. I never use the timed practice because of it.


That made me think of a great idea- for every question you get right it adds like 1 second or something and for each wrong you lose one second. If you get a few wrong/right in a row, that number increases. Something like that....


I agree with you Ecaria. I can not fit to the time even in the cases when I know all the answers. I remember reaction tests in entrance exams for future airplane pilots. I failed that exams and now learning german language. I hope I shall not fail German.


i agree with you!


I agree that it's not enough time unless they avoid any answers requiring special characters. That's why I just completely ignore the timer. I still get to complete all the questions and therefore get my extra practice.


The time is just about right, forces you to think on your feet as you would in a real conversation


you are tested on how fast you type rather than how much you've learned


I agree with other uses. Two min is just too short. Needs to be changed.


I agree that the time is way too quick. I can, sometimes, almost finish a timed test, but I'm still in the simpler portions of the lessons. Especially when I have to put in accents, it is frustrating. I like the program, and I even thought of having my Granddaughter (aged 8) work in the program. She did some of it with me and loved it. But then I realized that the timed tests would completely discourage her.


I agree! I type as fast as I can, and I never did it in 2 minutes. So, I prefer to write slowly and make any mistakes....


I can type over 60 words per minute and NO way i can finish in two minutes :((( if all those ideas can't be realized (too complex) please make it 3 minutes margin But Duolingo is really aaaaaaawesome !!!!


I can do it but i don't waste time putting the accents as it's not a mistake and i don't have the correct keyboard.

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