"Hotel jest po prawej stronie."

Translation:The hotel is on the right side.

December 17, 2015

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Duo claims my The hotel is on the right-hand side "missed a space".

Duo's favoured solution ... on the right side isn't acceptable UK English, whereas ... on the right [not a correct translation here] and ... on the right-hand side [but with hyphen] are OK.


I'm almost sure that "on the right" worked already... anyway, changed "right hand side" to "right-hand side".


Interesting how "correct/right" is "praw", and "right" is "prawej". Not the same in Spanish (correcto -- derecha)


"Correct/right" is rather "prawidłowy/prawdziwy (true)". "Praw" is either a Russian word, or an old-fashioned Polish one that is more like "righteous". "Prawo" is "the Law".

and "prawej" is Locative feminine singular of "prawy" ("right" - as a side)


Why is it that many cultures associate right-ness with correctness? I'm an English native speaker and we have this in English. And recently in my learning Italian, I notice it there too!

a sinistra: to the left (sinistra ~ sinister, inferior to right hand)

a destra: to the right (destro is something like clever, witty, or skillful)


I wondered the same thing. Probably because most people are right handed, so they considered left handed people freaks, cursed or something. Not like people had healthy beliefs in the past... Unrelated: destra is cognate with Serbo-Croatian root desn- which means right.


In Ancient Roman times, birds flying from the right (a dextra) were considered a good omen whereas birds flying from the left (a sinistra) were a bad omen. Christianity adopted the same judgemental view - the right-hand side of God was definitely the place to be!


Hm, good to know. I'm still a n00b ;D

Thanks for the clarification!


Why can't I say "The hotel is to the right side"?

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