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  5. "Ten mężczyzna jest stary."

"Ten mężczyzna jest stary."

Translation:This man is old.

December 17, 2015



My Polish textbook says that using 'stara' in reference to people(especially women) is rude, can any native speakers comment?


It is rude when you use it without a noun. For example: "Mój stary" (literally it is my old, but it means my father, not my old). It's rude. But there's no problem with "Mój stary ojciec" (my old father).


Interesting. Here in Ireland we sometimes call our parents "me oul one"(my old one), and it is similar- it would be rude to call them that to their face, but you can say it in reference to them when speaking to friends.


According to me, it can sometimes sound rude. While referring to an old lady, you shouldn't say "stara pani", but "starsza pani" or "pani w podeszłym wieku".


Yes, that's what my textbook says, specifically avoid "stara pani".

It also says never to ask "Ile ma pani lat?" :)


They say you should never ask women's age. :P


There's something like that in France's french. You can say "mon vieux" (litteraly "my old") when talking to a friend ("hey mon vieux! Ça va?" ("Hey buddy, what's up?")) or talking about your parents ("j'habite encore chez mes vieux" ("i still live with my parenys")). Quite interesting!


Stary could be used as 'budy, pal, bro, friend' So: Cześć stary, jak leci? means Hi bro, what's up? Talking the same way to somebody 40+ years old could get you in real trouble.


I wonder if the way this male speaker talks is still considered normal. It sounds to me like he often hyper-pronounces terminal consonants. In this case, he says “Tendy mężczyzna...”. I also hear him say “jesty” and “jesto” for “jest” in other sentences.


You do realize that it's a computer synthesizer, not a real human speaking? And it's surely not the greatest one.

Also, I don't hear any 'dy' at all.

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