"Studenci wracają do szkoły."

Translation:The students are coming back to school.

December 17, 2015

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And today is the last day of summer vacation......... (actually is)


How could I say 'the students are going back to school'? I mean is there a way to distinguish coming from going in Polish


"coming" from "going" is easy to distinguish, but "coming back" and "going back" are the same in Polish.


So if i want to say "the students are coming back from school" i just have to replace "do" for "od" ???


Actually that would be "ze" (mostly 'z', but 'z szkoły' would be unpronouncable). You would use "od" with people (wracają od babci), but "z" with places.


Does this mean that they are starting to go to school (every day) again, for example after a vacation, or does it mean that the students went outside the school's property, the bell rang, and now they are going back to the school, or does it mean both? (I hope that made sense :P)


I think both.

Although why these are university students coming back to school (and not uni), this I don't know ;)


Ah, I forgot it means university student :) A bit off topic, but is uczeń someone who goes to /school/ in particular, or does it also mean a university student? (I guess I really should've read the notes..)


No, that's exactly the thing: "uczeń" and "uczennica" go to school, "student" and "studentka" go to university. So who on our side made such a sentence and why, this makes me wonder ;)

Maybe it denotes a high school reunion after a few years, in the school building?


Ahhh, now I get it! I'd guess a reunion is the most logical reason, then.


how to say " the students are coming back from school" ?


Studenci wracają ze szkoły.

And again, 'studenci' are university students, so such a sentence will work in a veeeeery limited context...

Actually, I'm going to delete this sentence, there's very little logic to it. It will be "Uczniowie wracają do szkoły" now.

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