"your blood"

Translation:твоя кровь

December 17, 2015

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And now i feel like a psychopath after repeating "your blood" 4 times. Why am i learning that word? :p


You have become a vampire


This is Duolingo reminding me if i skip a day of Russian.

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    I always look for similarities between languages. In Polish you can say "your blood" to e.g your friend who has a boy that behaves exactly like his father. So in this context "Your son, your blood" means in Polish that we appreciate the way a son was brought up.

    Does it work like that in Russian? :)


    what is the difference between тебя and твоя? thank you

    • твоя - thy/thine, your/yours (possessive nominative singular feminine)
    • тебя - thee/you (pronoun genitive/accusative singular)


    Any way we could get examples in a situation?.. Would be very helpful :)


    твоя means "your", a possessive pronoun (for feminine nouns):

    • I love your apple - Я люблю твоя яблоко

    • Your book is there - твоя книга там

    тебя is means "you" as an object

    • I love you - Я люблю тебя.

    тебя is also used as the genitive case of ты, as seen in previous lessons:

    • You have an apple - у тебя ест яблоко

    Note: sorry for some eventual mistake, I am just learning Russian


    I love your apple - Я люблю твоё (not твоя) яблоко. You have an apple - У тебя есть (not ест) яблоко.


    Why is it feminine (твоя) instead of masculine? Is кровь feminine? If it is, why is it feminine?


    кровь is feminine. Nouns ending in a soft sign (ь) can be masculine or feminine. Mostly you just have to learn their genders individually.


    With the multiple choice I tried ваши, knowing quite fully that твоя was also very likely to be the correct answer. Doesn't ваши mean something similar to "you", or "yours"? What's the difference between ваши "you"-words (-ваше/ваша) and твоя "you"-words? Thanks!


    It would need to be ваша rather than ваши because кровь is fem. sing.


    From what I understand, it's formality- similar to ты and вы, ваш being formal.


    I am utterly sick of exercises where it is a crap shoot which 'you' to try, ty or vy. Every exercise with "you" or "your" in it can never have a >50% success rate. So it takes a tiresomely long time to complete most of the exercises.


    dont be lazy, research these things afterwards. its pretty impossible to only learn from duolingo


    I think the point is that in some cases it is not clear, if your is supposed to be the plural you (like referring to a group) or the singular you (referring to the other person)


    кровь (krovʹ) [krofʲ] f inan (genitive кро́ви, nominative plural кро́ви, genitive plural крове́й) "blood" From Proto-Slavic *kry, from Proto-Balto-Slavic *krū́ˀs, from Proto-Indo-European *krewh₂- (“blood of a wound”). Cognate with English raw and ree, Latin cruor (“blood(shed)”, whence Spanish cruento, "bloody" and incruento, "bloodless") and crudus ("raw, bloody, uncooked"), Lithuanian kraujas ("blood"), Welsh crau (“blood, gore, blood of carnage”), Irish cró (“blood”).


    Can't finish the lesson. Every answer is coming up as marked wrong. Sigh..


    Is ь feminine? I thought it was masculine!


    Most often it is feminine besides a few exceptions (when Genetive Signular of the word ends in -я then it's masculine).


    Why is blood feminine?


    Most nouns that end in soft consonant (-ь) are feminine.


    The only word you really need to know


    How to bargain


    Why is твоя кровь wrong? "Your" doesn't indicate any formal form, so how should I have known Duolingo wanted me to use ваша instead?


    It's not wrong. It was probably a glitch.

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