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Can students view assignments anywhere or are they blind to them?

When I assign students something with the new assignment feature, how do they know if they've reached that goal and they've done what I've assigned?

For instance if I challenge them to do 75 xp by a certain date, where do they see this assignment, and their progress towards it?

December 17, 2015



They get an e-mail when the assignment is created, and another one when they complete it. We plan to make assignments more visible for students in the future.


Awesome. I implemented this today, and the first thing students were asking was how to be aware of their own progress.

Email is great, but a lot of high school students don't regularly use it as a form of communication. Even a duolingo notice would be cool so they can see they have a new message on the bell when they log in.

Thanks again.


Would love to see this happen as well! My highschool students also don't know how to track their progress and don't use their emails much.

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