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Why are the exercises in the app different and easier than on the website?

I was happy to see that Russian was finally released for the Android app.

What confuses and disturbs me a lot is that the exercises in the app are easier to answer than on the website. In the app, if you have to translate sentences it gives you a list of words to pick from. On the website you just have to enter free text, which from my point of view makes much more sense.

So what is the point of this? Can this be changed?

Cheers, Peter

December 17, 2015



It can't be changed. However, you can access the good exercises from the mobile website via your phone's browser, which also has tips & notes and is over all a better choice, although it is slower and doesn't have offline mode.

If I had to guess, I'd say that the app's exercises are easier to draw in the most casual of learners (who will never go to the website). Why Duolingo is so obsessed with user numbers, I will never understand.


More users = better marketing materials. I'm assuming they have to make money somehow!! I agree that the website is the better choice. I never use the app.


One advantage of the app especially useful for Russian is that it switches keyboards automatically…


One MORE advantage, is that my iPhone (besides automatically switching keyboards) also automatically engages the Russian spellchecker!

But I might turn that off, because it's making me lazy... I should really learnt to remember words with а vs я etc.

Although I definitely agree, the activities are easier on mobile compared to desktop version.


On mobile devices you don't have full-size physical keyboards, so typing takes more time. I think that is the main reason they have different exercises.


My phone doesn't show Russian as an option... But I can see it on my desktop ☹️


Update Duolingo in your app store. See if that fixes it.


Yes, the update is necessary.

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