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  5. "You have yellow apples."

"You have yellow apples."

Translation:Sizin sarı elmalarınız var.

December 17, 2015



I'm confused as to why I can't use the singular form of "you". For example...

"Sen sarı elmaların var"

But it says I'm wrong, even though it doesn't specify using "sizin"...


"Sen sarı elmaların var"

It would be senin, not just sen.


I'm confused why I cannot use "sende" in this case. What is the difference or is it generally wrong to say "Sarı elmalar sende." I thought this literally translates as "(The) yellow apples are with you." but hence means the same as "You have yellow apples." At least that's what I learned from the exercises bende, sende, onda, bizde, sizde, onlarda.


"Sarı elmalar sende" means, as you say, "The yellow apples are with you", so "You have the yellow apples".

At least, that is the distinction made in this couse:

  • X has the Y --> "Y X'te"
  • X has a/an/some Y --> "X'in Y'i var"

[deactivated user]

    ''Sizin'' is plural,so you can use ''Sizde'',but ''Sende'' is singular.


    I had to translate the English version to Turkish. So "you" is both singular and plural.

    [deactivated user]

      No I mean you can't change ''Sizin'' to ''Sende'' - but you can change ''Senin to''Sende''.


      "You have yellow apples." Translation: Sizin sarı elmalarınız var.


      "Sende sarı elma var." - Baska doğru Türkçe cevap.


      Shouldn't ”senin sarı elmalarınız var” be accepted?

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