"А сюда мы поставим диван."

Translation:And here we will put the couch.

December 17, 2015

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Can anyone explain the difference between сюда and здесь?

[deactivated user]
    • здесь = in this place (answers the question «где?»),
    • сюда = to this place (answers the question «куда?»).


    Oh, like "Aquí" and "Acá"


    And тут as well?


    Тут is analogous to здесь, but that should work too, since the overall meaning is the same


    I was always told at school to never start a sentence with the word "and"...

    Evidently I didn't grow up in Russia.


    "И' is "and." "A" is a connector from a previous thought, and it can mean either "and" or "but," depending on context


    TheFinkie is right. It is bad grammar to start a sentence with "And" - or "А" in Russian as well. However in spoken Russian you can hear it (and many more junk words, like "ну"), but it should NOT be directly translate to English, perhaps as an variation only. The Duo's Russian course lacks of many possible translations in it's database. Duo accepts only limited variations of "entered" translations, sometimes very subjective. It can be frustrating. Just report mistakes and hopefully over the years they will be addressed.


    Why isn't "And here's where we will put the couch" an acceptable translation? As a native English speaker, I would never say "And here we will put the couch."


    Also as a native speaker, "And here we will put the couch." sounds perfectly natural. That's not to say your wording is incorrect English; it's fine. I agree that any sentence that shows correct understanding of the Russian could potentially be allowed, but as Vadim points out, there is no "where" in the Russian.


    What is wrong with 'and here will we put the couch'? English is not my native language, by the way.


    I know that you asked this two years ago, but in case this is still of any help to you or a future reader, here goes: The word order of your English is almost perfect but not acceptable to Duolingo.
    English is almost always in the Subject-Verb-Object order. Your verb (will) should come after the subject. (We.) As a question, one could ask "Will we put the couch here?" Though that is an exception.
    With that said, English has more exceptions than rules, and you could have an Object-Verb-Subject with the word "here." (If you're showing a guest around your house, you could say "Here is the bathroom, and here is your bedroom." Or, at a store, your cashier will say "Here's your change.")


    Gripe: the audio sounded like поставил, which made no sense. In retrospect, I can just barely hear the «м» if I listen hard and expect it.


    Frustrated stare - "IF WE HAD ONE!"

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