"Chcę ci powiedzieć coś bardzo ważnego."

Translation:I want to tell you something very important.

December 17, 2015

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Can somebody please explain why it is "ważnego" instead of "ważny" here?


Adjectives that modify "coś" always take the genitive. I think the same goes for similar words like ktoś and gdzieś.


For "coś" yes, it's "coś ważnego", "coś ładnego", "coś zielonego", but for "ktoś" I'd say it's Nominative masculine (ktoś ważny, ktoś ładny, ktoś zielony) and for "gdzieś"... I don't think it can take just an adjective. I know that "somewhere nice" or "somewhere warm" make perfect sense in English, but in Polish for "Let's go somewhere warm" I'd say "Pojedźmy (gdzieś) w jakieś ciepłe miejsce" (to some warm place). Or "Pojedźmy gdzieś, gdzie jest ciepło" (Let's go somewhere where it's warm).


I have a problem with the word-order here - how would you say "I want you to tell me something important"?


Chcę, żebyś powiedział/powiedziała mi coś ważnego. / Chcę, żebyście powiedzieli/powiedziały mi coś ważnego.

So it uses Past Tense, actually. I want something to happen... I want something to have happened, in a way ;)


The two main verbs here have different subjects. Some languages solve this by having a subjunctive (or similarly named) mood. English still sort-of has subjunctive, but it's pretty much vanished from regular usage.


Why is 'I want to say something very important to you' not accepted? Surely it's the same as 'to tell you'?


2 questions: 1- what would "chcę ci mówić coś bardzo ważnego" mean? 2- why ważnego instead of wazny? Is it genitive? Thank you!


“I want to SAY you something important”.

Yes, it is.


It would have to be 'I want to tell you something important' or 'I want to say something important to you'.


I know it must be obvious to 99% of you but what case is ważnego please?


I'm not in favour of assigning a particular case to "ważnego". Just remember that it's always coś + adjective stem + -ego.

If that makes it easier for you, pretend it's singular masculine genitive.


In fact, there is a matching English form in the genitive: "I want to tell you something of great importance". I offer this purely as an aide memoire.


Does the form sometimes differ from the singular masculine genitive?


i want to tell you something REALLY important? Both are from latin word verum, real meaning the same. I know, that very can be bit more accurate, but come on.

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