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  5. "Why do you not have a job?"

"Why do you not have a job?"

Translation:Dlaczego nie macie pracy?

December 17, 2015



"czemu nie masz pracy" Dlaczego is prettier of course, but as I remember, you accepted once "czemu" also


Is it genitive because of the negation? I didn't think it worked that way in questions. Someone elaborate, please!


Negated question is still negated:

  • „Dlaczego masz pracę?” but
  • „Dlaczego nie masz pracy?”

Really, it's just boils down to 'Is the verb negated? Yes? Accusative→genitive; No? Accusative stays accusative'. ;)


Klart som korvspad! (I see you take Swedish)


Det är gott. ;)

More like, I did – I want to learn Swedish in the long term, but for now, had to drop it, as it started to confuse my German, unfortunately, both the orthography/pronunciation and more importantly, the fact that Swedish V2 is not really compatible with German V2.
Hopefully, once I get my German in order, I will be able to return to Swedish without this issue. :)


Yes, Swedish V2 is: V2 in main clauses but in subordinate clauses the verb jumps forward passed the adverb and/or negation but not the object.

German V2 is a rocket that they used to hurl at England during WW2. Had I been alive and otherwise able I would have V2d this decision.


Lol. :D

Just for the sake of others who might not know what I meant, I obviously was talking about German verb-second (V2) word order and not the Vergeltungswaffe 2 ballistic missile system. ;)


what is the difference between pracy and robote


Firstly, case: "pracy" is either Genitive, Dative or Locative (Genitive in this sentence). "robotę" is only Accusative. In this sentence it would be "roboty".

Secondly, "praca" is a basic everyday word, while "robota" is a colloquial one. It's a very common colloquialism, but we generally avoid those here.


Thanks . I think i got used to the way my parents used to say it.


I'd just avoid it in formal settings, but it would be completely normal to use it when talking with friends.


why is "czemu nie masz pracy?" not accepted?


Oops... Added now!

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