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"Jeden szef zatrudnia siedemdziesiąt tysięcy pracowników."

Translation:One boss employs seventy thousand employees.

December 17, 2015



Sounds impressive until you realise he's a beekeeper...


This is a mouthful to say holy heckers


Seventy is in accusative but thousand and employees are in genitive. Can someone please explain why the seventy is not in genitive as well.


After plural numbers of which the last digit is 0-1 or 5-9 or if it ends with 12-14, the accusative case is transformed into genitive case.

This also applies for the word for thousand. 1000 – tysiąc, 2000 – dwa tysiące, 3000 – trzy tysiące, 4000 – cztery tysiące, but 5000 – pięć tysięcy, 6000 – sześć tysięcy, and so on.


Pretty amusing when you're a Russian speaker

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