"Du er broren min, så jeg støtter deg."

Translation:You're my brother, so I support you.

December 17, 2015

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    Han er ikke tung, han er broren min


    5 lingots for reminding me of that song.


    I don't understand why in the second part, the verb and the subject are not inverted : "Du er broren min, så støtter jeg deg."


    "Så" works as a conjunction, stringing two complete sentences together. "Du er broren min. Jeg støtter deg."


    Specifically, it's a coordinating conjunction like 'and', not a subordinating conjunction like 'because'


    So, if the case was a subordinate clause, would this order be right?

    'jeg støtter deg fordi er du broren min'


    No, the subject comes first in the subordinate clause, but if the order was reversed it would be 'Fordi du er broren min, støtter jeg deg' (with inversion of the subject and verb in the main clause)


    Boom! My head actually exploded. I'll try to recover its pieces.

    Tusen takk!


    Oh ja! Indeed, I get it now. Tusen takk!


    I was going to ask this same thing. The responses are very helpful and I understand them, but I don't see how I will EVER remember when trying to speak.


    That's why it's very important to start talking with native speakers and expose yourself every day for at least a few hours to Norwegian media


    Could "jeg støtter deg" have a future meaning - "I will support you"?


    You need a modal verb in Norwegian too. Jeg vil støtte deg (will). Jeg skal støtte deg (shall). Jeg må støtte deg (must).

    Jeg kommer til å støtte deg (going to). Jeg har tenkt til å støtte deg (intend to).


    When getting one letter wrong changes the whole meaning. I wrote "You aTe my brother..."

    That turned bad so quickly...

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