"Wasze małe dziecko"

Translation:Your small child

December 17, 2015

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Is it possible to deactivate the capital letters in the suggestions? It's always just one capital word so I know this is the first word of the answer...


It would be nice, but that's just how the app works. So it's a question to the developers.


Wait, but isn't "Wasze" for plurals? Why is this used for a single child? Would the correct sentance be "Twoje male dziecko?".


Twoje małe dziecko would mean your little child as in thy little child, while wasze małe dziecko means y’all’s little child.

  • twój m. / twoja f. / twoje n. are the singular forms of singular your (thy), and the plural ones are: twoje non-personal and twoi masculine personal,
  • wasz m. / wasza f. / wasze n. are the singular forms of plural your (y’all’s), and the plural ones are: wasze non-personal and wasi masculine personal.


Wasze describes the 'owner' of the child - plural you. Both wasze and twoje means yours (pl or sing)

Wasze małe dziecie and Twoje małe dzieci == your little children.


Would baby be acceptable for male dziecko?


"Your little baby" worked already, I guess we can add "Your baby" on its own, why not.


The reason I asked was another site used 'male dziecko' as the translation for baby, is that accurate or is there another word for baby?


A child up to one year of age is called "niemowlę", but "małe dziecko" can easily work.


I wrote little instead of small for małe. I think both are right!


They are, and both should have worked.


Czy uzycie tutaj ,,your little child,,bedzie prawidłowe?

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