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Classroom progress (Whole class)

Is it possible for duolingo to allow us the classroom progress view in addition to the new view? As a teacher is very simple to have a "snapshot" of the entire class in order to see how is not keeping up with the work. The new version with the capability of setting up assignments is very helpful, however I have to check up each student individually to see their progress unless I set up an assignment. If possible, it would be nice to have both.

Thank you in advance for all your help.


December 17, 2015



Hi there!

You can still see course progress and activity details for your whole class by clicking "More details" in the "Students tab", see screenshot:

Hope this helps!


Thank you! Yesterday, I did not see this feature. I think that they put this back for teachers today. I am very happy to see it return. Thank you for the screen shot too.


guess what?my dad let me talk.and i have a class too.

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