"I am this woman's son."

Translation:Jestem synem tej kobiety.

December 17, 2015

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Can you not say "Jestem tej kobiety synem" ?


Very strong emphasis on "son", sounds really like something you could only encounter in poetry, fables or songs. Too unusual.


I was told that to emphasize a word, you move it towards the beginning of the sentence. But this seems to point the opposite direction?


I always think of it as if I'm not allowed to use apostrophes. So in this case: I am the son of this woman.


I'd say, that you put it at an unusual position ;) But mostly we'd say that the new information goes at the end of the sentence.


Maybe he is a poet...


Might have missed it somewhere: how come we use the Instrumental here for "synem"? Since I am the son wouldn't that make it Accusative (direct object)?


as far as i understand, we use instrumental when we have the verb być, to be. so jestem (i am) + instrumental. it would be accusative if we said something like "The woman has a son."

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    You are absolutely right. It works the same way in Russian - but only in the Past and Future tenses. Polish is more logical here.


    What case is the woman here?

    Could not find any desciption in the duo notes.. Neither if the word "Tej".

    My guess was "Jestem synem dla ta kobieta".


    Genitive. Maybe karlr42's comment here can help in understanding why: even if there is no 'of' in the English sentence, this sentence is still about possession.

    (Not that Genitive is used only for possession, it's used for many things so it's difficult to generalize.)


    Dziękuję bardzo! :)


    Is "Jestem tej kobiety" somewhat similar to "I'm my mother's (son)" ?


    no it means exactly "I am this woman's."


    Why is this in food section? Am I missing somthing?


    That sometimes happens, I think it's not even up to the course creators, but the platform itself. In theory, you sometimes get a sentence from a totally different section to make you stay focused and check if you remember it.


    Often when a son is thinking about his mother, it was likely he was also thinking about food lol


    Piszę poprawnie a on źle


    How would you say: “I'm the woman's son”? „Jestem synem kobiety“?


    Yes. But it will sound quite weird, and as Polish doesn't have articles, it will be identical to "I am a son of a woman". Which is... pretty obvious.


    Should be translation of 'I am the son of this woman'

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