"I am eating a sandwich without the tomato."

Translation:Jem kanapkę bez pomidora.

December 17, 2015

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I seem to be having the same issue with herbata as i just had with kanapka. I don't know when it should end in 'ę' as opposed to 'a'. Is it kanapkę in this case because jem is a first person verb which normally take the suffix 'ę'?


The verb form and the noun case are not related. You need the same case if it is I eat, you eat, he eats or they eat. Jeść(jem/jesz/je/jemy/jecie/jedzą/ jadłam/jadłem/jadłeś/jadłaś/jadł/jadła/jadło/jedliśmy/ jadłyśmy/jedliście/jadłyście/jedli/jadły and other) all need accusative

And Accusative form of kanapka is kanapkę

Also "bez " needs genitive , pomidor(Nominative)-> pomidora(Genitive=Accusative)

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