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"Mój brat odwiedza moją siostrę."

Translation:My brother is visiting my sister.

December 17, 2015



I love how "brat" is "brother" in Polish. This language has like 27 ways to make me smile. I'm v e r y bad at learning new things, but Polish is fun!


Could you possibly say "Brat odwiedza siostrę" to mean the same thing? Would it be assumed that you're talking about your own siblings in this sentence?


this would mean that 'A man is visiting his sister, to whom he's a brother.'

I'm not Polish, but am quite sure about it nevertheless


is maja not plural?


moją is singular accusative feminine


diękuje! Man you got these grammar rules down!


If we assume that the sister is also his sister, wouldn't be " Mój brat odwiedza naszę siostrę"?


That would be "naszą".

OK, logically your answer is correct*, but if the sentence originally used "moją" in Polish and therefore "my" in English, it wouldn't really be correct to suddenly accept "naszą" for "my".

*Although it is possible that this is my half-sister and he is not related to her so it's not exactly 'our sister'.

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