"Is a lion not a cat?"

Translation:Czy lew to nie kot?

December 17, 2015



What is wrong about the translation "Czy lew nie jest kotem?" Thanks!

November 28, 2018


There's nothing wrong with that.

November 28, 2018


In the hints it suggest 'to' at the front so i put 'to lew nie kot' what is czy and why is 'to' in the middle? 'to' means is right?

August 27, 2018


Well, the hints are for the whole course so they won't necessary work in every sentence.

"To lew, nie kot" (if you add the comma) means "This is a lion, not a cat". Quite a different sentence.

"to" isn't exactly "is", although it works like it. "Lew to kot" (A lion is a cat) is kinda like "A lion = a cat". And here it is definitely in the right place.

August 27, 2018
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