"Ta ściana jest biała."

Translation:This wall is white.

December 18, 2015

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The great wall of ściana?


Actually a wall like the Great Wall of China is "mur". Wielki mur chiński.

"ściana" is a part of a building, either inside or outside.


No audio whatsoever.


Sorry, this is my problem.


I'm finding lately that sometimes the audio does not go automatically, but works when I click on the speaker. It started happening to me after I downloaded Windows 10, though I do not know whether that would be related in any way.


difference between "this" and "that"?


Sorry, could you specify the question? 'Cause I don't suppose you're asking about the difference between them in English...


I have a bit of a problem differencing between this and that in Polish. Could someone enlighten me? There is tam, tamta, tamtego, tego, ta, to ... ? HELP. Haha. A short guide would be much appreciated! Dziekuje bardzo :)


'tam' is 'there' (over there).

Some of those thing depend on cases, so this is a very broad topic. Please look for topics about cases here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16296174

As other things are concerned: firstly, Polish and English have a different perception of 'closeness'. While in English "that" is perfectly natural usually, Polish "tamten" and its forms aren't used that often. "tamten" is in fact more like "that one over there". In short words, English goes like this: "this/that/that" while Polish has "ten/ten/tamten". The first "that" overlaps with second "ten", which is why we accept such translations although they aren't literal translations ("ten" = "this", "tamten" = "that").

Another thing: gender. The determiner depends on the gender of the noun it describes. Staying in Nominative (the basic, dictionary form), you have: ten/ta/to ('this' for masculine, feminine, neuter) and ci/te ('these' for masculine personal plural and not masculine-personal plural). For "that"/"those" you just start the word with "tam".


I wrote, 'This is a white wall," and it was marked incorrect. Why?


Different subject. Your sentence has just "This" as a subject, the original one has "This wall".

Basically, your sentence means "To jest biała ściana".


Why doesn't biala take the instrumental case?


Standalone adjectives don't take Instrumental, they stay in the same case as the rest of the sentence (so usually Nominative).

A noun phrase would take Instrumental. So if we had "This wall is a white wall", then it would be "Ta ściana jest białą ścianą".

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