"Ma femme est jolie."

Translation:My wife is pretty.

January 11, 2013

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Is this definitely "my wife" in this case? Saying "my woman" in English is certainly a valid and used phrase - is the same not true in French?


"my woman" sounds strange in English. Check here: http://www.linguee.fr/francais-anglais/search?source=anglais&query=my+woman You can see it is rarely used. You can also use the same site to check the other way around and see that "ma femme" is way more frequently translated as "my wife".

So while "my woman" is correct, Duolingo is a software and cannot account for all variations, exceptions and nuances of the languages at hand. My suggestion is: stick to the more commonly used translations.


It may sound strange but it is commonly used.


Hunus, I agree, but Duolingo might only except what is programmed, which in this case, is "My wife". I got this wrong as well.


The point is that in French, "ma femme" will be understood as meaning "my wife".


The term "ma femme" is used to refer to "my wife." Best not to try to force a word for word translation.


Mon- my -m- thing that belongs to me Ton- your- thing that belongs to you Son- his/her thing that belongs to him/her Ma-my-f-thing that belongs to me Ta-your-f- thing that belongs to you Sa-his/her-f- thing that belongs to him/her Mes- several things that belong to me Tes- several things that belong to you Ses- his/her several things that belong to him/her Notre-our-one thing that belongs to us Votre-your-one thing that belongs to you Leur-their- one thing that belongs to them Nos-our-several things that belong to us Vos-your- several things that belong to you I hope this makes sense to you it is a lot to take in.


When to use ma vs mon and etc?


Ma, mon, and other posessive pronouns depend entirely on the gender of what you own.

For instance, if you own a male rabbit (le lapin) you'd say Mon lapin. My female rabbit (la lapine) would be Ma lapine.

It doesnt matter if you are a boy or a girl. Just the thing you own. Hope that helps.


Use "ma" if the object (what you're describing) is feminine, "mes" if it's plural, and "mon" if it's masculine or starts with a vowel or silent 'h'.


What about my wife is beautiful. Duolingo does not accept it


While a person may say many things, the translation of "jolie" will generally be "pretty". If you want to say "beautiful", use "belle".


Ma femme est jolie. Why not, my wife is nice.


why can't I use beautiful for jolie?

what do you think about that guys??


Jolie is pretty. Belle is beautiful.


Why did it say in wrong? It says type what you hear...

It said: Ma femme est joli

I typed: Ma femme est joli

It said i was wrong and that u was supposed to reply in english. Confused


If you are asked to "type what you hear", you must say "ma femme est jolie", not "joli" (m). So hearing includes even letters which are silent.


My wife is nice....wrong? not really.... one of those automatic corrections that don't match your answer....


When French speakers use "joli(e)", it generally means lovely or pretty. When speaking about things, an English speaker may use "nice". But that carries a shift of meaning that is not really there when talking about a person. If you say "nice" about a person, one would say "gentil(le)" or "sympathique/sympa" which means nice, likeable, pleasant, or friendly. So if you translate "nice" back to French, what will you get? You must understand what is meant first; only then can you make an effective translation.


i have a question why do some people have so much flags on their head?


Is "woman" not also correct?


When someone says "ma femme", it is understood as "my wife".


I translated joli as nice when describing trousers, and was marked right, but it ws marked wrong when used in the sentence descrbing a wife, and corrected to "pretty" - can anyone explain why please, and how do you say - "My wife is nice" Thank you.


Ma femme est gentille/sympa.


Quelle est la difference parmi beautiful et pretty. Io sonno a protestare , enerjicamente;

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