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  5. "Справжня українська історія"

"Справжня українська історія"

Translation:Real Ukrainian history

December 18, 2015



The Americans, Australians, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, etc., all speak English because they have been historically a part of the British Empire. That's the way it works. Same with the Eastern and Southern Ukraine--a part of the Russian Empire. Russian was the administrative language of both the Empire and later the Soviet Union. Western Ukraine, especially Galicia and Volhynia were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There were 50 million people speaking so many languages that Ukrainians, Rusyns, and Belarusians were also there, speaking their own languages . They did not know or understand Russian because they didn't need it. German was the administrative language. Politically, the ruling elites of the Ukrainian people under the Tsars willingly imposed the Russian language upon themselves and the Ukrainian people in order to gain power with the Russian ruling elites. The blame goes both ways. The Ukrainian language had a resurgence after Austria-Hungary fell apart and nationalism broke out all over Europe. When then-Ukraine was reunited with Galicia and Volhynia, their peoples realized that they spoke the same language, not Russian, and had the same culture from before the Hapsburg Dynasty and before the late Russian Empire. This led to a Ukrainian nationalism and a resurgence of a non-Russian, Ukrainian literature, folklore, and politics. It's just history. You can be angry at Russia, but that's the way it is.


Yep. Thanks to Russian lies and Russification, there are lots of different stories about Ukrainian history. They were created to try to take away our pride from our country and our language. Some people were influenced by that, and that is why the eastern part of Ukraine speaks mostly Russian. That really sucks for them because they can only share a part of Ukrainian culture. They live in Ukraine, call themselves Ukrainian, but then can't speak Ukrainian or understand it. Ukraine's brother country, Russia, is a cruel backstabber. I don't wish what they did to Ukraine for anyone. Unfortunately for Russia, Ukraine is still alive, and will be for quite a while. May its' blue skies and yellow wheat fields remain unchanged, and may those colors fly above its' land forever. Glory to Ukraine! Слава Україні!


Laguage doesn't matter. Almost whole Kyiv speaks Russian which doesn't make it any less Ukrainian. There are lots of Ukrainian nationalists out there who speak mostly Russian. And I haven't ever heard about any Ukrainian who don't understand Ukrainian language. People may not use it most of the time but of course they understand it.


For me as a Russian it's so sad to read it. All Russian people I know respect Ukrainian people, and me too. Really sorry this judgment exists even tho I understand it can be true. We'd never want our government to be cruel with anybody. We supposed to stay brothers, but even brothers quarrel sometimes. Sad.


Героям слава!


Це написав Tod Todoroki


Героям слава!


Ĉu ekzistas falsa Ukrajna historio?


I've seen something about these type of sentences and one person said that this probably has to do with politics and how Russia and Ukraine aren't... I think you get the point


Is this a political tribune or a language course? Please do not hijack educational platform!

Why not -"The real history of Ukraine"?

I guess it should be accepted. Any thoughts?


BTW: 'LANGUAGE IS CULTURE'. It doesn't matter what country it is from.

~ Language has its own ethnic 'spirit', culture, music, history, mentality/intelligence, specific energy & evolution/devolution.

~ That's why sometimes people can or cannot understand eachother.

~ That's WHY we are here at Duolingo taking various language courses in order to learn from eachother & understand eachother better! :) Let's keep it up! :)

In this course, WE are learning UKRAINIAN. So, we NEED to learn about certain Ukrainian things, people, events, including history & culture. It's what 'makes the world tick'. So, let's GO FOR IT!

"ТРИМАЙТЕСЯ - НЕ ЗДАВАЙТЕСЯ!!" ;D "Hang tight! - Never give up!!" :D


Check out the fantasic, thought-provoking history book by Prof. Yuri Shilov about Ukraine:


It's an excellent, informative, up-to-date read.

Then tell me which nation/peoples are 'older & bigger'...

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Wtf? I entered "the real Ukrainian history" and Duo tells me it's wrong and should be "the real Ukrainian story"?!


There's no 'the'... It's just 'real Ukrainian history' &/or 'true Ukrainian history'.

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