"To dziecko jest duże."

Translation:This child is big.

December 18, 2015

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Big as a euphemism for fat? Would a Pole say this sentence or it's just merely a test of concepts for us learners? :)


It's a normal Polish sentence. Here we call children small or big to refer to their age (or perhaps some other trait associated with it, like heigth or skills).


I put "this child is gargantuan, however despite my overwhelmingly obvious exaggeration, the simultaneous sarcasm distributed sill reconciled my answer as incorrect, I yam veryy confused.


The word you were trying to use is equivalent to Polish „gargantuiczne”.


so I've learned here that this child is neither tall nor fat but big?


So, could I say, "To jest duże dziecko" to say "This is a big child" or is that grammatically incorrect?


That is absolutely correct.


is duze in the accusative or nominative here? I feel like it should be nominative but the help list accusative first. Are they just the same word?


The forms are identical, as "dziecko" is neuter. The hints aren't that great to always put the right one first.

It's Nominative, because in an "X is Y" sentence, if Y is just an adjective, it's Nominative. And if it's a noun phrase, it's Instrumental.


I am confused about the double use of to. a sentence or two before to was used for that is Here you use both to and jest.


In an "X is Y" sentence, you can only use the "to" construction, if both X and Y are noun phrases. As here Y is just an adjective, you can only go with "jest".

You may think about "to" as something kinda similar to "=". Let's say that one can imagine "this child = a big child", but not really "this child = big".

As for the first (or rather here: the only one) use of "to", it's a neuter determiner. Better to think about it as a completely different word that just happens to look identical.


Dont know if it is a problem, but "this child is bog" was not accepted :(


The course contributors have no control over what gets accepted with a note about the typo and what gets rejected.

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